We make ARCNET fit for Industry 4.0!

Dear Customers, Partners & fellow ARCNET Users!

The development of our ARCNET/Ethernet Gateway goes on: encouraged by the great interest in a bridging solution to connect multiple distributed ARCNET networks over great distances, we taught our SH ARC-GATEWAY to join in with other gateways to form an ARCNET Cloud and to connect a multitude of distributed ARCNET networks to one single ARCNET network. The spatial distance between the partial networks is of no concern, for the cloud can spread all over the internet beyond buildings and companies.

Configuring a device as a bridge is very easy: by simply using its web interface you switch the gateway into bridge mode and tell it the name of the ARCNET Cloud – done!
In this way multiple ARCNET networks can be interconnected.

The dynamics and the scalability of this distribution concept make ARCNET fit for Industry 4.0.
Your advantages:

  • only one SH ARC-GATEWAY per ARCNET partial network (its number of nodes being unlimited)
  • interconnection of numerous partial networks to a cloud
  • connection over unlimited distances using existing Ethernet connections

Your Benefit:

  • your installed base of ARCNET networks gets future-proof
  • putting into service is simple and time-saving
  • cost-saving and efficient

With the bridge functionality of our SH ARC-GATEWAY we offer you one more opportunity to further run your ARCNET facilities and prevent them from getting outdated.

Please find further technical information about SH ARC-GATEWAY directly on our website.

All the best!
Peter Feltens

Managing Director

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