Development Environment for Test Procedures

Development environment for automatic test cycles for quality assurance of voice recorders


  • Full test coverage of mechanical and electronical functionality of the recorders including quality of recording and playback, signal-noise ratio, out-takes and dropouts
  • Centralized manangement of overall test planning, test sequence control and test reporting.
  • User-guided creation of test scripts, test sequence configuration and reports of test results.
  • Activation of the hardware environment on driver level


  • .NET 4.0
  • Editor, compiler + sequence control
  • Signal analysis using Fourier transformation

"Owing to SOHARD's clever solution we can now adapt our systematic endurance tests more easily and quicker to our devices and their various versions. Our cooperation with SOHARD is characterized by high technical competence, professional conduct and adherence to deadlines. We appreciate it very much."

Armin Schymala, Head of Quality and Process Manangement, Grundig Business Systems