Modular ARCNET hubs with 3 or 5 ports

Order information

Order name Bit rateShort description
SH ARC-M3-HUB-AC* Three channel ARCNET hub, AC power supply, for interface modules type „M“
SH ARC-M3-HUB-DC*Three channel ARCNET hub, DC power supply, for interface modules type „M“
SH ARC-M5-HUB-AC*Five channel ARCNET hub, AC power supply, for interface modules type „M“
SH ARC-M5-HUB-DC*Five channel ARCNET hub, DC power supply, for interface modules type „M“

Interface modules type „M“

Order name Bit rateSignalSocketCable type
SH KOAX-M2.5 Mbit/s sine dipulse BNCcoaxial cable RG-62
SH LWLSM-M156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalST/BFOCsingle-mode fibers
SH LWLSMA-M156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalFSMAmulti-mode fibers
SH LWLST-M156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalST/BFOCmulti-mode fibers
SH LWLTOS-M156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalTODX296/TOSLINKmulti-mode fibers
SH LWLVL-M156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalVersatile Linkplastic optical fibers (POF)
SH RS485-M156.25 kbit/s – 10 Mbit/sRS-485/EIA-485DE-9/D-subtwisted pair cable
SH RS485-STB-M156.25 kbit/s – 10 Mbit/sRS-485/EIA-485screw terminal blocktwisted pair cable
SH RS485AC-BNC-M2.5–10 Mbit/sRS485ACBNCcoaxial cable RG-62
SH RS485AC-RJ45-M2.5–10 Mbit/sRS485ACRJ45twisted pair cable
SH TWP-M2.5 Mbit/ssine dipulseRJ45twisted pair cable

* Bit rate is depending on selected interface module

Scope of application

The maximum length of a network segment is limited by the transfer method used when implementing ARCNET networks. Amplifiers (hubs) can connect several segments in series to expand networks. However, bit jitter and the regeneration of signal levels and signal shapes are important in this case. Although common hubs regenerate signal levels they do not reduce but even increase bit jitter. While the SH ARC-Mx-HUB regenerates signals and reduces bit jitter. With their very short transfer time of less than 3 bits, multiple SH ARC-Mx-HUBs can be cascaded as long as the timeout conditions of connected ARCNET nodes are met.

Further areas of application of the SH ARC-Mx-HUB are:

Linking different signaling standards

In ARCNET networks with different physical transfer standards repeaters will interconnect the signaling variety. The SH ARC-Mx-HUB is modular with any interchangeable network interfaces; it can also be retrofitted. In this way you can implement junctions between coaxial, RS485 and various fiber optic networks without problems.

Implementing Stub Cables

Depending on the spatial order of the network participants you may connect participants to the next segment via so called stub cables. For that you may equip the SH ARC-Mx-HUB – beside its function as a repeater – with an additional third channel. The use of the SH ARC-Mx-HUB is less expensive than a regular hub.

Design & Functionality

The SH ARC-Mx-HUB is completely digital based on state-of-the-art PLD technology. ARCNET signals are checked and regenerated; signal levels are restored and the cycles reestablished. This will regenerate even very distorted signals.

The baud rate used in the network is automatically recognized and set. All interface modules, power supply and control logic come as plug-in modules and can be combined as required. The device will be configured at your request free of charge. Housing and front plates are made of aluminum. This and other structures protect the device excellently from electro-magnetic interferences and emissions. The devices come with a power supply for 115/230 VAC or for 24 VDC depending on your order.

Diagnosis LEDs:

Recon LED. Indicates the port receiving a RECON burst.

Alert burst error LED. Indicates ARCNET telegram headers deviating from the specification.

Lock LED. Indicates a correctly recognized data rate.

HIT error LED. Indicates transceiver malfunction.

Coax disable LED. Indicates disabled coaxial transmission provoked by inapt data rates to protect transceivers.

TX-error LED. Indicates transmission errors due to unspecified data rates or non-comforming ARCNET nodes


  • Compatibility: ANSI/ATA 878.1, CE for industrial environment
  • Power input: max. 8W / 12W
  • Voltage supply: 230 VAC +10%/-15%, 24 VDC +/- 20%
  • Temperature range, operation  0°C to +55°C
  • Temperature range, storage: -20°C to +85°C
  • Dimensions (w/h/d), mm: 148/68/106 or 200/68/106 (without connectors)
  • Weight: 600g or 900g without packaging and modules