ISA ARCNET card with COM90C66LJ

Key features

  • 16 bit ISA card
  • ARCNET controller COM90C66LJ by SMSC
  • Coax BNC socket (93 ohm)
  • 2 x TWP RJ45 socket (100-150 ohm)
  • ARCNET and ISA bus activity on LED display
  • 16 addresses in I/O range, base 0x260, 0x290, 0x2e0, 0x2f0, 0x300, 0x350, 0x380, 0x3e0
  • 2 kB, address selectable from C000 (hex) to D800 (hex) in 2-kilobyte steps
  • Interrupt may be chosen between IRQ 2/9, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15

Order information

Order name Bit rate Short discription
SH ARC-662.5 Mbit/s ISA ARCNET card with COM90C66LJ

Scope of application

The SOHARD ARCNET card SH ARC-66 has been designed for the use in industrial PCs. The card offers two interfaces, coax and TWP, to ensure a maximum of flexibility. With the attached drivers, the card can be integrated into the application fast and at moderate costs.

Design & Functionality

The card features the following components:

ARCNET Controller
The card uses the ARCNET controller COM90C66 by SMSC, which works with a fixed data rate of 2.5 Mbit/s. The node number can be set at convenience by means of a DIP switch which is accessible from the outside.

ISA Bus Interface
The card needs 16 I/O addresses whose base address can be set. The Dual Ported RAM can be
mapped into the memory at different base addresses.

Fieldbus Connection
The fieldbus may connected to the card by means of a coax or TWP plug. The card has an internal termination jumper. Therefore the card can be used as in a bus as well as in a star topology. Service LEDs allow the monitoring of the ARCNET and ISA bus activity.

Boot ROM
The SH ARC-66 can be equipped with a boot ROM. Thus it is possible to boot the PC via the ARCNET network.


  • Compatibility: ANSI/ATA 878.1, CE for industrial environment
  • Power consumption: < 4W
  • Temperature range, operation: 0°C to +55°C
  • Temperature range, storage: -20°C to +85°C
  • Dimensions (w/h/d) in mm, wihout connectors: 121/21/129
  • Weight: 300g packing included