ARCNET PCI Express cards

Key features

  • 32 bit bus
  • Using single PCIe lane (PCIe x1)
  • ARCNET controller COM20022
  • Bit rates 156 kbit/s to 10 Mbit/s
  • Mapping of the COM20022 registers into the I/O and memory space of the PC
  • Fast controller access via Advanced-Memory Mode
  • Coaxial transceiver protected against invalid bit rate and transmission mode
  • Switchable termination of the RS-485/EIA-485 interface
  • Compound cards featuring RS485AC, TWP and various optical interfaces are also available

Order information

Order name Bit rateSignalSocketCable type
SH ARC-PCIe-K2.5 Mbit/s sine dipulse BNCcoaxial cable RG-62
SH ARC-PCIe-LWLSM156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalST/BFOCsingle-mode fibers
SH ARC-PCIe-LWLSMA156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalFSMAmulti-mode fibers
SH ARC-PCIe-LWLST156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalST/BFOCmulti-mode fibers
SH ARC-PCIe-LWLTOS156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalTODX296/TOSLINKmulti-mode fibers
SH ARC-PCIe-LWLVL156.25 kbit/s – 2.5 Mbit/sopticalVersatile Linkplastic optical fibers (POF)
SH ARC-PCIe-R156.25 kbit/s – 10 Mbit/sRS-485/EIA-485DE-9/D-subtwisted pair cable
SH ARC-PCIe-RS-RJ45156.25 kbit/s – 10 Mbit/sRS-485/EIA-485RJ45twisted pair cable
SH ARC-PCIe-RS485-STB156.25 kbit/s – 10 Mbit/sRS-485/EIA-485screw terminal blocktwisted pair cable
SH ARC-PCIe-RS485AC-BNC2.5 – 10 Mbit/sRS485ACBNCcoaxial cable RG-62
SH ARC-PCIe-RS485AC-RJ452.5 – 10 Mbit/sRS485ACRJ45twisted pair cable
SH ARC-PCIe-TWP2.5 Mbit/ssine dipulseRJ45twisted pair cable

Scope of application

The SH ARC-PCIe ARCNET card series has been developed for use in industrial PCs that feature the PCI Express bus. The cards are available with coaxial interface, galvanically decoupled RS-485/EIA-485 interface or as compound cards featuring different ARCNET interfaces for connection to ARCNET networks with various signaling methods (Sine dipulse, RS-485AC and optical) via coaxial, twisted pair or fiber optic cables.

When you update to a PC with PCI Express interface the card can immediately substitute other SOHARD ARCNET network adapters, if your application is using the SOHARD RAW ARCNET interface and the corresponding driver.

Design & Functionality

The card features the ARCNET controller COM20022 from SMSC. It supports standardized bit rates up to 10 Mbit/s. The SH ARC-PCIe is a 32 bit card conforming to PCI Express 1.0a. The card is a plug and play device. Configuration of addresses and interrupts is simple. It may be addressed via I/O addresses or via memory.

4 LEDs indicate the following activities:

  • Coaxial transceiver active/inactive (back plane mode on/off).
  • Activity on ARCNET receive channel
  • Activity on ARCNET transmission channel
  • PC access to ARCNET module

For technical information on the SOHARD ARCNET interface modules usable with the card, please have a look at our product datasheet “ARCNET Interface Modules”.


  • Compatibility: ANSI/ATA 878.1, PCIe 1.0a, CE for industrial environment
  • Power requirements: 3 V & 12 V from PC, max. 4 W
  • Temperature range, operation: 0°C to +55°C
  • Temperature range, storage: -20°C to +85°C
  • Dimensions (w/h/d), mm: 120/107/19 (without connectors and slot bracket)
  • Weight: max 250 g (incl. packaging)