On-site support

Searching for malfunctions in an ARCNET network using board equipment and often applying little knowledge about ARCNET is time-killing and mostly leading to error-prone results: e.g. suspicious componts will be arbitrarily exchanged, only because one of their LEDs is abnormally flashing.

If then perchance the network seems to be running stable again, an unsound conclusion may be drawn that the weak spot has been hunted down.

The game will start again when malfunctions begin to add up and your network will never run stable and without inference.

We offer to you: ARCNET network analysis and consulting on site

What we will do for you:

  • collect all available relevant data on your network in advance
  • analysis and error-search in your network by an ARCNET expert
  • check of connections and cabling
  • check of the communication using our ARCNET analyer SH ARCALYZER and a scope triggered by it
  • detection of errors on the lowest protocol level of the ARCNET traffic
  • mensuration of signal forms and levels in the network segments
  • detection of defective and degraded components (esp. transmitters)
  • support and advice for the substitution of components
  • taking a network fingerprint
  • documentation of the result by a detailed electronic report comprehending:
  1. measurement diagrams of the signals in the network segments
  2. listing of deficiencies of components and cables
  3. listing of defective and degraded components
  4. advice for remediation and improvement
  5. fingerprint of the network

Advantages of our service:

  • swift and targeted detection of deficiencies (nodes, hubs, connections, cables)
  • competent advice for remediation of defects and substitution of components
  • application of SOHARD's comprehensive long-term knowledge of ARCNET
  • fingerprints allows for detection of subsequent network manipulations

Your benefits:

  • sustained and stable network operation
  • fingerprint of of the network impedes tampering
  • cost reduction by failure avoidance through anticipation of deficiencies
  • cost reduction by avoidance of time-killing and patchy in-house efforts