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Data logger

Recording and storage of analog and digital signals

  • Interfaces: High-speed USB, SD card slot, 4 analog inputs, 2 digital inputs
  • Displays: 7-segment LEDs, recording and error LED
  • 32Bit ARM CPU @140MHz, 64MB RAM, 8MB Flash
  • Application with real-time clock under embedded Linux


ARCNET USB adapter – Embedded system par excellence:

  • Controller (firmware) + RAM
  • CPLD (hard-coded logic)
  • FPGA (volatile logic)
  • Operating system driver (software)
  • Example applications
  • Housing (mechanics)
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HD Video

Parameterization of telemetry units

  • Platform: EvoPrimer from Raissonance
  • Extension hardware for RS232 communication
  • Easily expandable embedded application

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