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The SH Arcalyzer driver cannot be installed under Windows 11.2024-05-21T12:01:59+02:00

In Windows 11, the Memory integrity option in the Core isolation menu must be deactivated.

How can I connect a new PLC (IEC 61131) without an ARCNET connection to an existing ARCNET network?2024-05-13T14:08:54+02:00
Many installed systems are networked with ARCNET, but fewer and fewer programmable logic controllers with ARCNET connection are available.

The SH ARC gateway converts between ARCNET and TCP/IP.

Here you will find a sample project based on Structured Text acc. IEC61131 and shows how the gateway is initialized by a PLC and how communication takes place via it.

Which operating systems are supported by SOHARD-ARCNET products?2024-05-21T11:25:31+02:00
The following table lists the ARCNET RAW driver distribution that you need to operate an ARCNET card under a specific operating system.
SOHARD ARCNET cards Windows
98 Me NT 2000 XP 2008 Vista 7 8 10
SH ARC-66 1) 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3)
SH ARC-ISA 1) 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3)
SH ARC-ISA-HUB 1) 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3)
SH ARC-PC104 1) 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3)
SH ARC-PC104-HUB 1) 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3)
SH ARC-PCI 1) 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3)
SH ARC-PCI104 1) 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3)
SH ARC-PCIe 4) 4) 4) 4) 4) 4)
SH ARC-PCIu 4) 4) 4) 4) 4) 4)
SH ARC-PCMCIA 1) 1) 2) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3) 3)
SH ARC-USB 5) 5) 5) 5) 5) 5)

1) UARC RAW driver, version 6.3(Download)
2) UARC RAW driver, version 6.4(Download)
3) UARC RAW driver, version 7.4(Download)
4) UARC RAW driver, version 7.5(Download)
5) USB ARC RAW driver, version 5.2.5(Download)

What does RS485AC mean?2023-08-01T14:11:11+02:00
RS485AC is the SOHARD designation for the ARCNET signals of the SMSC transceivers HYC4000 and HYC5000. As with RS-485 / EIA-485, logical ones are transmitted by square-wave pulses. However, this is done with alternating polarity, which means that the signal is DC-free (hence “AC”).

Other designations are “EIA-485 AC coupled”, “EIA-485 AC coupled” or “RS485 isolated”.

The SH ARCALYZER application cannot be started under Windows 8 (and higher). What should I do?2023-08-01T14:10:46+02:00
Please install the SH ARCALYZER application in version 5.2. You can find them under Download & Support.
Under Windows 10, I get an error message (Device cannot be started (Code 10)) when I try to operate an SH ARC-PCIe.2023-08-01T14:10:02+02:00
Call up a command line (cmd.exe) and enter “bcdedit /set pciexpress forcedisable” (+Enter). After restarting your computer, the card should work properly.
Timestamping of events on the ARCNET bus2023-08-01T14:09:37+02:00

With the SH ARCALYZER, SOHARD offers a powerful tool for analyzing data traffic in ARCNET networks at an almost atomic level of the ARCNET protocol.

The device records every APE (ARCNET Protocol Element) sent on the bus and provides it with a time stamp with a resolution of 25 nanoseconds.

In addition, the SH ARCALYZER hardware can also record two external signals:

a TTL-compatible one with 5V for a logical one and

a PLC-compatible one with 24V for a logical one.

The reception time for these external signals is also stored with a resolution of 25 nanoseconds. A basic application for this is to assign certain APEs on the bus to external events, for example.
This means that a master clock can also be distributed via a separate line and recorded by the individual participants as an external event and its reception time registered. This allows network participants to be synchronized, for example.

The registered ARCNET events as well as the external events can be saved together with their time stamps in data or otherwise processed using the plug-ins of the SH ARCALYZER application.

The levels of the external signals can also be adapted to customer requirements (e.g. for two TTL signals with 3.3 V).

This allows the SH ARCALYZER hardware to be used for simultaneous precise timing of ARCNET and external events, independent of PC software whose behavior is affected by interrupts, scheduler interruptions and other imponderables.

A SOHARD ARCNET device cannot be accessed after the driver has been installed.2023-08-01T14:09:17+02:00

In the Windows Device Manager, error code 52 and the message that the driver could not be started are displayed for the status of the device.

This behavior is caused by errors with the driver signature. Possible errors are:

1. driver files are corrupted.

2. the root certificate “GlobalSign Root CA” is missing.

3. the driver was installed from a network drive (file and printer share) or via an RDP share (RDP: Remote Desktop Protocol). In these cases, there may also be problems with certification.

Is the SH ARC-PCIu compatible with the previous SH ARC-PCI card?2023-08-01T14:08:38+02:00

In principle, the SH ARC-PCIu is backwards compatible with the SH ARC-PCI. The SH ARC-PCI can only be operated in PCI slots with a 5V supply, while the SH ARC-PCIu is suitable for slots with 5V or 3.3V.

Whether you can replace an SH ARC-PCI with an SH ARC-PCIu without further adjustments therefore only depends on how your software accesses the cards:

1) If your application accesses the card via the SOHARD ARCNET RAW driver, an exchange is possible.

2) If your application addresses the ARCNET controller COM20020 directly, an exchange is also possible. Please note that different system resources (I/Os, memory areas, interrupts) can be assigned to each PCI card.

3) If your application uses a driver that does not originate from SOHARD, we cannot guarantee interchangeability.

I need an ARCNET card for another PC bus system (e.g. PCI or USB). What do I need to bear in mind?2023-08-01T14:08:17+02:00

1. if your software uses the SOHARD raw driver, you can exchange our cards with each other without having to adapt your software.

If necessary, please download the latest raw driver from our website, as this supports all our products.

2. if your software has not previously accessed the ARCNET hardware via SOHARD drivers, you will need to adapt your software.

I need an ARCNET product that supports transmission rates that deviate from the standard (e.g. 2.304 Mbit/s instead of 2.5 Mbit/s). What do I have to do?2023-08-01T14:02:35+02:00
Occasionally, providers of ARCNET products (especially with coaxial transmission) use bit rates that deviate from the standard (for coax: 2.5 Mbit/s).

Please let us know if your network uses a transmission rate that differs from the standard. We are happy to adapt our products for this purpose and also ensure that they leave our premises having been tested accordingly.

Are there alternatives to the discontinued ARCNET transceiver MTI A60152-10-01LFNC?2023-08-01T14:02:10+02:00
We are experts in all types of ARCNET transceivers and have the right solution for you.
A connected SH ARC-USB or SOHARD ARCNET card is not recognized. How do I proceed?2023-08-01T14:01:37+02:00
1. make sure that you have installed the latest version of the correct driver. There is one ARCNET RAW driver for plug-in cards and one for USB devices.

2. check whether the device is listed in the Device Manager. SH ARC-USB is listed there under “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, PC plug-in cards under “SOHARD ARCNET”.

3. check the device properties in the device manager:

  • The appliance must be running properly.
  • The driver access name for the device must correspond to the name with which your application addresses it.
  • No device name may be assigned more than once.
  • There must be no resource conflicts with I/Os, memory or interrupts.

Possible solutions are:

  • Restarting the system
  • Removing and reinstalling the driver after a new download
  • In the event of resource conflicts: Check the resource setting in the BIOS, if necessary remove a hardware component that is causing the conflict
I am looking for a compatible SOHARD product to replace a defective ARCNET card or ARCNET device. How do I proceed?2023-08-01T14:00:32+02:00

1. all SOHARD products are available for long-term delivery and can be ordered via our online store or directly from us(order(at)

2 If the product you want to replace is from a different manufacturer, please check whether the product is listed in the following table. Please contact us if it is not included in the table.

3. please inform us of the manufacturer and designation of the product you wish to replace. In some cases, we have to make minor modifications to our product to ensure compatibility.


Bus Chipset Model (other manufacturer) corresponding model (SOHARD)
ISA 90Cxx AISA1517 SH ARC-66
ISA 90Cxx SMC PC600 WS SH ARC-66
ISA 90Cxx PCA66 SH ARC-66
ISA 90C66 AN-520BT SH ARC-66

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