SOHARD HL7retrofit

Retrofit of Medical Devices

With the continuous progress of digitalization, the requirements for the interoperability of medical devices are increasing as well, especially in the field of medical technology. Today, clinics and hospitals primarily request medical devices that ensure a seamless exchange of data with master data systems such as HIS, RIS, LIS, accounting systems, and electronic patient records.

While HL7 has become the international standard for clinical data communication, it is not yet supported by many medical devices. As a result, the exchange of data is often impossible or only possible with great effort.

Producers of medical devices are now facing the challenges of upgrading their established products with a HL7 connectivity to maintain their competitive position and stay on market. Additionally, they find themselves under constant pressure due to the often cost-intensive and time-consuming certification procedures for medical products.

To counteract this, SOHARD now retrofits medical devices such as patient monitors, infusion pumps, or modalities like CTs or MRIs with a HL7 connectivity on request of medical device producers. By doing so, the devices retain their status as certified medical products, assuming the devices already have internal or proprietary interfaces.

The HL7 connectivity is achieved by using an external module (SoM), which usually fits into the existing medical device or its casing without great effort thanks to its small dimensions. The module contains a stand-alone subsystem (PESS) which is capable to translate and interpret the data from the medical device into the HL7 standard.

For this purpose, the PESS is developed and designed exactly to meet the device's requirements on existing internal interfaces and the anticipated HL7 content. As the functionality of the medical device remains completely unchanged, its certification is not affected and stays valid.

For its own part, the PESS providing the HL7 connectivity is not considered a medical product and does not require a corresponding certification.

In this way, SOHARD offers you a cost-effective solution to equip your established medical devices with a HL7 connection without any technical risk.



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